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Making A Wood Slice Chalkboard

GIve Thanks Wood Slice Chalkboard

Well, hello there September!! There’s only 21 days til FALL!! Who’s excited? I know I am. I’m participating in a Fall Harvest Home Tour on September 23rd, so Fall-themed crafting is well under way at my house… This will be my first one! I’m a little nervous because there are so many GORGEOUS homes out there… but I’m hoping to bring a little spin to it. I’ll be sharing some ways to feel at home in a house you’re renting. I hope you’ll all join me. :o) Anyway, let’s get down to the fun stuff today. The Wood Slice Chalkboard!

Wood Slice Chalkboard

I pulled this idea right out of thin air. Hahahaha, just kidding. Don’t be ridiculous. I got it from Pinterest of course, and you can find the adorable blog where I saw it, here. When I was at Hobby Lobby the other day, looking for fabric, I saw these wood slices and remembered this cute project I pinned a while back and thought it would make a perfect addition to my fall decor. So I bought it. I should have waited until their wood was on sale, but I didn’t. That being said, I am always keeping my eye on their wood section, because I’m just such a fan of wood projects and I typically wait for them to go on sale.

*by the way, you should probably join me on Pinterest. It’s my favorite place.

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So, although a tutorial really isn’t necessary, because it was OH-SO-EASY.. here’s one anyway.

  1. Start with your wood slice and masking tape. (*Side note: I typically use painters tape, but Hubbalicious basically paints for a living and uses this Scotch 3M Masking Tape… and since my stuff is in storage, well masking tape it is. I might add, it worked fabulously.)

Wood Slice & Scotch 3M Tape

2. Tape all around the edge. I used a bunch of little pieces since I’m not so great with trying to curve masking tape… but apparently, according to Hubbalicious, it can be done and he’s going to teach me how. For now, I stuck with this cute little ruffled skirt type look. Fancy, right?

Taped Wood

3. Then I used Krylon Black Chalkboard Spray Paint and went to town. (I did lay paper down underneath first… but I didn’t take a picture of that, because come on.. it’s pretty obvious. It turns out that spray painting is not as easy as it looks. At least not if you want to do it well. While I found myself just randomly spraying, Hubbalicious makes it look like an art form. So I have a lot to learn, but I think I did pretty well on this one after he gave me a few pointers (which I’ll probably share in a separate post).

Black Spray Painted Wood Slice


4. Apply two coats, and then make sure you pull the tape off BEFORE the spray paint dries. That way you can avoid pulling up the paint with the tape. Then let it dry (I let it sit overnight) before you draw something pretty. :)

Give Thanks Wood Slice Chalkboard

Give Thanks Wood Slice Chalkboard-Tall

I love that I can just erase this and write something new on it. That officially means that this doesn’t have to get put away with the rest of the fall decor after the season is over! LOVE that… So go ahead, make you a fun, earthy piece for your home! Or, if you’d rather buy one than make it, you can grab one from my shop: The Printed Lemon!

So, what would you write on your chalkboard?

Leah Sannar


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