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Checking In With The Sannars… It’s been a little crazy lately!


My dear friends, it’s been too long. We’ve had family in town visiting, so things have been a little chaotic, but really nice. And even though, Hubbalicious’ mother has gone home, we still have more friends coming this month so I don’t see it slowing down for a little while yet. But still… we’ve been having a lot of fun together, so I wanted to pop in and give you an update.

I have good news and bad news… which do you want first?

…Bad news, obviously.

Okay, so the bad news is that last week, I had to say goodbye to my old friend, the camera. Yes, that’s right… one of my very few precious material possessions has gone by the wayside. <crying tears of sadness>

It all started when I was at my parents house to go swimming, when all of a sudden my Dad’s dog Jett, found a swim diaper that belonged to my niece. He took off running with it as if he just knew we were going to take it away from him and he had to make the most of these precious few seconds. Sure enough, my Dad immediately went to take it from him.

But I stopped him and requested the opportunity to take a few pictures first, because seriously.. how hilarious is that? So anyway, I step up onto the raised wall at the end of the pool to get a better view, and Jett is running around like the crazy dog he is.

Jett Diaper 3

Jett Diaper 2

After I felt like I had taken enough to play with, I turned around to go back the way I came… only I forgot I was elevated on a step and when I fell downwards, I lost my balance. BAD. Of course, I couldn’t fall into the grass. No, no, my friends.. I fell into the pool. As if that’s a thing that actually happens to people! As I was tumbling into the watery depths of my camera’s forthcoming grave, I tried my best to throw it away from where I was going. But alas, I could not throw it far enough and my sweet, baby camera, fell into the deep end. I dove down and got it, but it was too late. I cried for hours, maybe even days. It’s been sitting in rice for a week, but I lack the courage to try and turn it back on again. If it’s doesn’t work (which the camera repair shop says its an almost absolutely certainty) I think the devastation may kill me. Oddly enough, I was able to pull these pictures off the SD card once it was all dried up. It didn’t function perfectly, it kept saying that I ejected it wrong even though it was still in the computer… but I held it in there pretty tight and was able to access the photos before it died completely.

So there you have it, that’s the bad news. It was pretty traumatic. Everybody keep saying I should look forward to getting a newer nicer camera, as if that’s something I could even consider right now. I’m in mourning people. It would feel like cheating. Still though, I really do need a new camera. I can’t very well live my life without one!

Aw man, reliving that experience to tell you that story was rough. Let’s be done with that and move onto something more fun.

While Hubbalicious’ Mom was here, we went to the Wildlife Ranch. I love that place, it’s so fun to see all the wild animals. I just can’t seem to get enough of those fun little close encounters! Have you ever been to one of these parks?

Wildlife Ranch - Sannars

If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend that you check it out. It’s a really fun way to spend your day. Here’s a few things you might expect to encounter:

A distant relative to a deer or an antelope shoving their face into your car, in hopes of some delicious treats. These animals are pushy… they get food all day from humans and they are NOT shy. :o)


Deer 1

One of these incredibly awesome looking creatures. (There is a book you can buy at the entrance that will tell you what all these animals are.. it’s cheap, I suggest you buy it so that you don’t sound as uneducated as I sound right now, calling them “this guy” or “these creatures” or “this little cutie right here”…. mm kay?)

For Diana

And then of course, one of my personal favorites… not because I like them, but because they are SO WEIRD looking!! The ostrich! These guys were incredibly aggressive with trying to get into your car for goodies. I mean, not aggressive, mean… just pushy.

Ostrich 1


Ostrich Food

We actually ended up rolling the window back up after a couple minutes with this guy because he was really pecking hard to get into that bag and D was just a little too close for comfort. We had a lot of laughs though, it was a pretty cool experience.

They also have a little petting zoo area, where you can go in and hang out with the little goats. I love goats! They are so hysterical and have the funniest little personalities.

Dom & Goat

Dom & Goat 2

Did I mention that maybe I want goats now? Seriously, I have issues. I want ALL the animals. Just send ’em on over.

Leah & Goat

We spent a good 30 minutes there, just letting D run and play with the goats and freaking out over these weird things:


I mean honestly… how weird are those?! Did you read the sign? These bad boys are considered rodents! Do you think it’s weird that I kinda want to hold one? I wonder if they’re mean.

Anyway, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked because I was driving through on this one. Hubbalicious volunteered to sit in the back so D could climb all over him while looking out windows. What a sport, right? :o)

We were sorry to see Hubbalicious’ Mom go back home, but at the same time, it is always nice to get back to a normal routine. There’s nothing like the comfort of normal bedtimes, packed lunches, swim lessons and preschool to get you back on track.

Oh wait, I almost forgot… you want the good news, right?

Well here it is: As of last week, Hubbalicious and I are officially “Hoping to Adopt”. Yay! I have a lot more to say about it, but it’s pretty late, so more on this in my next post. Stay tuned, there’s some pretty fun stuff coming up. :o)

Thanks for sticking with me, even though sometimes I can be inconsistent with my posting. You guys are the absolute best. :o)



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