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We’ve moved! ….AGAIN.

Sometimes, when you’re having a terrible day… the best medicine is a best friend. I have amazing friends that always make me laugh. Let me give you an example. Shockingly, we moved again… I know, it seems like we just moved into this house. We did.. its barely been over a year. But, we needed to move even closer still to work because  the drive was really bad. So here we are in the middle of a move… packing is barely moving along because I got hospitalized again… And our tenant is moving in, in less than a week. Very stressful time, and I send a text to my bestie about how I wanted to put more Jamberry’s on, but I didn’t know where I had packed them. And yes, I know we move a lot… and apparently, other people think so too. Here’s how it went down:


What I really needed was a good laugh, and she came through. :o) Thanks BF.

Now, onto the part where we moved. Yeah, so we are buying house closer to work, but the construction won’t be done until August… so we’re living in an apartment. Like shoebox style. It’s pretty tiny. Which isn’t the worst part, I can get down with a small place. But we live on the 2nd floor with dogs, so we have to walk down with leashes and let them out… which turns out, is a total pain in the rear. Or else I’ve gotten really lazy. It might be a combo. Also – what the heck is up with apartment parking?? I can NEVER find a spot close to my door. Or even close to my building sometimes. Ugh, anyway, I hope this next 6 months goes by SUPER FAST!! In other news though, I’m now only driving 6 minutes to work. UM YEAH!!! I don’t even think there’s a smiley face big enough to put in here… let’s see.

happy face

Yeah, that oughta do it. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the build process as we go through this AGAIN!! WOO HOO! Apparently we like to move. I never would have thought that was true, but I think BF Wendi has a point. I do love real estate. I think I just like decorating and doing home improvement projects. Hope you’re having a happy Wednesday! Til we meet again!

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