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{ Him vs. Me } Getting D An iPod For His Birthday


Hubbalicious and I had a little debate the other day about whether or not we should get D an iPod for his birthday. He’s going to be 5 soon. *I know, it’s insane, I swear just yesterday I was feeding him a bottle.*  Anyway, so he texts me: “I want to get D an iPod for his birthday.” My initial thought? “Umm, no.” Isn’t he too young for one of those? Doesn’t this fall right in line with what I talked about in my video about electronics?

Should We Get D An iPod For His Birthday?

Maybe I’m wrong… I mean, I love that D has cultivated a love of music due in large part to my love of music. There’s nothing we love more than to blare the radio and sing along together. Or dance along together. In fact, I promised him we could do a dance for our next video together… so stay tuned for that. ;o)

But don’t you think that an iPod is something that needs to be earned? Even if he’s old enough to take care of one (which I don’t believe he is) shouldn’t he have to earn his own money to purchase one? Or am I being a mean old mommy by not gifting him one for his birthday? I don’t know, see – here’s the thing: if he had asked us for one, I would absolutely say “earn the money.” In this case however, he doesn’t even know what an iPod is. So he wouldn’t know to ask for one… it’s more like, Hubbalicious and I just know how much he would enjoy one.

For as long as I can remember, he’s loved headphones. Even if they’re not playing anything, he’ll just wear them around the house pretending to listen to music. Yes, its a little weird. But it’s also super cute. I’d show you a picture if I hadn’t lost it when my hard drive crashed.  {sore subject}… moving right along.

He says: Give him one for his birthday

She says: Not sure he’s ready for one!

So, what are your thoughts?

Leah Sannar

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  • Kayla October 3, 2016, 10:15 am

    I don’t remember owning thing that “big” that young, but when I did want a toy, or as I got older something “big” like an iPod, my parents would give me extra chores to earn money and then they would match what I saved for the item I wanted (within reason). It really helped me understand the value of money. Not sure if this helps because he is so young. Maybe get him a stereo with a CD player? Haha old school I know!

  • Christina February 9, 2017, 10:53 am

    The fact that he has a love of music is all the more reason to acquire some tool or skill related to it. It’s no wonder you thought of the iPod as a possibility. Though, your reservations about the choice are understandable. 5 yrs old is a young age. Also, it’s nice that he loves to listen to music so much that he will put in his earphones and behave as if it is playing.

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