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A Tourist’s Review of a Weekend in Los Angeles, CA


When my sister called and asked me if I wanted to go to The Price Is Right in LA, of course my immediate answer was “yes!” I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to a taping of what I’m pretty sure is one of the longest running game shows in the history of ever? It seems like only yesterday that Drew Carey took over… his tenure has been so brief compared to Bob Barker’s, and yet… he’s celebrating 10 years this season. We all agreed that it sounded like a blast, so we booked tickets. What we didn’t expect was that we’d have SO MUCH FUN doing the rest of the touristy things in Los Angeles. I didn’t have my camera, (read the whole story on how I lost that, here) but I pretty much documented everything we did on my iPhone. And it didn’t turn out too bad! I was actually a little impressed. So here’s how a group of 4 tourists spends a weekend in LA.

A Tourist’s Review of a Weekend in Los Angeles, CA

As we landed in LA at 7:30am, local time, it occurred to us that we were going to need a second breakfast, even though we had already eaten breakfast before we boarded our flight… we were starving. According to pop culture, there’s only one place to go:


I can attest to you that I had some of the best food ever at Roscoe’s. The mac ‘n cheese was amazing, and the chicken and waffles… well let’s just say I’m really glad I got on board the chicken and waffle train. It was delightful.

Next, we drove over to the Walk of Fame, where we shamelessly rolled around on the ground taking pictures of celebrity names.


We walked around checking out star names and shopping for souvenirs for quite a while. It was really fun to just people-watch, honestly. Seeing all the celebrity impersonators and superhero costumes, it was a lot of fun. We decided to take one of those double decker bus tours. The weather outside was raging hot, so that was a little tough on top of a bus with no shade, but it was so cool to drive through LA and hear all the trivia and history. I absolutely loved it.



Mom & Dad


One of my favorite things we did all weekend, is visit the Hollywood sign. I’m not even sure why… We just had so much fun trying to do dorky things in our pictures, and seeing it in real life this close was really neat. We drove through this incredible neighborhood to get up there too, so that was pretty cool. The houses were amazing.



By this time, we were starving again, so we went to China Town to eat at some amazing Chinese food… If you’re over there and feeling hungry, I highly recommend Yang Chow. Plus, China Town has these awesome little prints on the streets:



Next up on the agenda was a trip to Beverly Hills. We had driven through on the double decker bus tours, and it looked so beautiful… we were dying to go back and drive through some neighborhoods. The houses were amazing and they had this cute little fountain out front. So of course… like tourists, we all lined up to take pictures.


BH 6 - Tree_smitten

Is that tree amazing, or what? We were stopped at a light (right in front of Rodeo Drive) and we all fell in love with this tree. I wonder how old it is…

Have you ever been to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum?? I highly recommend you go! I’ve been to museums before, but none of them ever let you goof around like this! They have little scenes set up where you can take pictures with the people. Oh my goodness, we laughed so hard.. it was a lot of fun.


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Seriously, the wax museum was a lot more fun than we expected. We got the tickets for free with the purchase of the bus tours… and I’m really glad we went. It was a blast. And the pictures are really fun to go back and look at later. :o)

By this time, it was like 10pm and we were so exhausted. We crashed out as soon as we got to the house we were staying in, but the next morning we were up and ready to head out to VENICE BEACH!




This one might be my favorite picture from the entire trip. The fact that this beast of a dude was actually there working out at Muscle Beach, was just too much for me to handle. It made my whole day.

And did you know that Venice Beach had a canal? I didn’t… although it does stand to reason, if it was indeed named after Venice, Italy… but I didn’t know that either. So hey, the trip was educational as well. :o)


And then of course, the main event:


We weren’t allowed to take phones in, so we didn’t get any other pictures while we were inside. There was a lot of standing around before we actually got into the studio, but we had so much fun watching them film. It was fascinating to see how it all works. On TV, it looks like this huge audience, but it’s really not. I was surprised by how small it all actually was! I think I might write a post about The Price Is Right, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

All in all, our trip to Los Angeles was really, really great. We had no kids, no plans… we just did what we wanted, when we wanted and it was basically perfect. I’m so glad we decided to go. If you haven’t been, this tourist right here is definitely recommending that you go. There is so much to do. We squeezed A MILLION things into our very brief 3 day stay, and it was a blast.

Oh, and be sure to tune in next week… I’ll be sharing the story of my panic attack on Venice Beach. You don’t want to miss it.


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