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Product Review

Flushable Wipes Caused Our Plumbing Problems, So We Found Something Better! + GIVEAWAY

Listen up y’all, because this is a story that can really only be described as a public service announcement. Learn from my mistakes, okay? Just do it. Or don’t do it, as the case may be… We were recently hit with plumbing problems. I know, I know… gross. This is something I’ve never dealt with before. Both of […] Read the whole post!

Stitch Fix Review: My First “Fix”

Heard of Stitch Fix? Still haven’t decided whether to try it? That’s where I was just a short few weeks ago. So let me help… I finally ordered my first fix. Here’s how it went: I saw a friend on Facebook had done it and I thought, “What’s that?” So I clicked on the link, which […] Read the whole post!

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