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We Moved In! Come Tour The Suncliff House!

My initial plan was to sit down tonight and write a post about our experience in buying this house. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, after all. But honestly, I’m so excited to just share our pictures with you, that the other post will just have to wait. There is a lot of […] Read the whole post!

DIY Bed Frame & Headboard

Hello Friends! I am so excited to share this post with y’all today! I know I’ve been teasing our wood project for quite a while now, so I can’t wait to finally reveal it! We totally built a DIY Bed Frame you guys! And I have the great honor of sharing my post with one […] Read the whole post!

Wordless Wednesday

I’ve noticed this fun little trend around Blogland: Wordless Wednesday. It’s kinda fun, don’t you think? Just a quick little post with a bit of a story, in the form of an image. So while today is only semi-wordless… I couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring you a sneak peak into what’s coming soon… Stayed […] Read the whole post!

Making DIY Throw Pillows

I had so much fun doing this project, and I can’t wait to share with you how I made DIY Throw Pillows!! First a little back story… I have a Bernina sewing machine that was handed down to me by my grandma. I feel a little guilty that I have it, because I don’t typically […] Read the whole post!

How To Decoupage Wooden Chatter Blocks

I love projects. Have I ever mentioned that? I probably have… but seriously, I love them. It honestly doesn’t even matter what kind of project! If it has a beginning and a finished product, I am sold. I just love working on things when you get to see the “after” picture! So today I’m featuring […] Read the whole post!

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