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Photo Journal: Spring Is In The Air!


Image by: Creating Keepsakes

Spring doesn’t start until March? Pfft, please. Not at our house… I don’t need a groundhog to tell me when Spring is coming or a calendar to alert me that it’s here. In our world, Spring starts whenever we get out and go play in the woods (or as “woodsy” as Texas gets) for the first time. Today was that day. We found ourselves at Zilker Park, my favorite place. I went there as a kid and they had a huge fire engine truck to play on. Of course now I go there, and it turns out, it’s not huge. It’s weird how that happens… Anyway, Dominic just loved it. Loved it.


Please excuse the cell phone pictures, but that’s what happens when I go brain-dead and forget my camera. Grrr. But anyway, here’s a photo journal from our beautiful day in the sunshine.

We climbed onto and drove the not-as-big-as-I-remember Fire Engine…


We hiked with Dad, and played on the playground…

Zilker 2

We very carefully selected a million rocks and threw them into the water…

Rock Throwing

We hiked with Mom and watched the Zilker Zephyr. We desperately wanted to take a ride, but they were sold out. So we had ice cream instead…

Zilker 5

We even chased the birds…

Then we walked back to the car, and didn’t even fall asleep on the way home. What a champ!

Zilker 6

I’m a fan of the simple pleasures in life. These are my simple pleasures. I love to be outside. I love to hike in the woods. I love to swing and eat ice cream. But most importantly: I love my son. And I love my husband. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the everyday stuff we have going on. I’m grateful for any opportunity we get, to go and just enjoy each other. I think this year, I’ll focus on seizing opportunities like this as much as possible. Because these are the moments worth remembering.

Hope you’re out welcoming the warmer weather, too!

Love, The Sannars


How do you know that Spring has arrived at your house?

** Leah **

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  • Pauline Cabrera February 16, 2014, 7:10 pm

    Aww, lucky! It’s still VERYYY WINTER here in Ontario =(

    • Leah Sannar February 17, 2014, 3:43 am

      Oh, I bet! Yes, the warmer weather here keeps giving us little teasers… it’s not here officially yet, but we try to take advantage whenever the sun comes out to play. :o)

  • Baby Making Mama February 17, 2014, 3:23 am

    I love this on so many levels. Your cute sweet family makes me tear up! HOLY COW your son is handsome. Talk about a future heart-breaker!

    So yes, I completely agree with you. My goal this year is to enjoy the simple moments. I told my husband just today that I want to make a plan to have a date night once a month doing something creative and fun if we can, and have a special family activity once a week. Even something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood, or playing a board game (like candyland for the littles). Like FHE I guess, but less formal, and not always at home.

    Let’s enjoy these little moments together! :)

    • Leah Sannar February 17, 2014, 3:45 am

      I am so with you there! We love to be outside, that’s our favorite. Even when we do something as simple as walk our dogs and let Dom hold the leash, we feel so much better! Gotta make time for that stuff even though it’s hard sometimes. I know we’re guilty of it, but we’re putting forth major effort this year to enjoy ourselves. :o)

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