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Our First Austin Thinkery Visit!

We’d been to the Austin Children’s Museum a couple times, but had not yet visited the new Thinkery. I really meant to buy the membership early when they had it discounted, but totally forgot. I know you’re shocked. Anyway, we headed out there today with some friends and Dominic had a blast! So, we thought we’d give it a little review! What did we think of the Thinkery?

It was awesome. – I know, elaborate right? But really, that’s all I need to say! There was so much for Dom to do! As a parent, you know when your kid is just running wild and making noise and when he’s actually engaged. Today, he was definitely engaged. He loved all the activities he got to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites from the day:

He found the water stations first, of course – so the rest of the day, he was absolutely sopping wet.


And of course, he was afraid of the little dryer station they had there. He thought they were crazy and wouldn’t go near them. So I literally had to wring out his clothes before we moved on.

Next, we visited the kitchen and the store. He had fun filling up his grocery basket!


And seriously…. THIS FACE:


I love that even at a museum with all this stuff to do, he notices all wheels. Daddy works with wheels and so naturally, Dom loves all things associated with wheels. :o)


 He loved this chicken coop too! We have one at home, so maybe that’s why he got such a kick out of it. He loves to chase the chickens!


 And sometimes, all you really need is a mirror to entertain yourself. Especially, if you’re as cute as my little man.


Then we found this awesome dark room with blocks that light up! This was one of his favorite things we did today. He absolutely loved this room. I’m thinking I need to get him one of those big lite-brites.


Also, doesn’t he look big in that picture? He looks like he’s about 6 or 7 to me. Why is my baby growing? STOP IT! Anyway, then we went outside to play on this fun playscape… but all he wanted to do was play in the water. Of course. I mean, he was just about dry, so why wouldn’t he want to get back in the water. This time I took his shirt off in an effort to keep something dry… but it really didn’t matter. The kid loves to play in the water, what are you gonna do?



 Last but not least, we painted. And boy did he love painting. He was a hot mess by the time we were done, but it was worth it because he totally loved every second of it.




 I love doing stuff like this with my baby for many reasons. #1 – it’s building memories. #2 – we’re spending quality time. #3 – it engages him and allows a creative outlet. and #4 – it reminds me that these are not things that can only be done at the museum. It always helps me remember, that I need to make sure I try to incorporate things like this into his everyday life. I’ve already got my wheels spinning about projects we can bring into our home for Dom to do.

If you have ideas, please share! He’s getting to that age where he will really be able to participate in crafts and projects. Now I just need to think of some good ones.

Oh, and also – my final review… Austin Thinkery ROCKS! You must go there, if you haven’t already. I know we’ll definitely be back. Hopefully this time, at the membership price. :o)

** Leah **

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