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Organize Your Photos + How To Use Tags On A Mac


I have an idea. On the count of three, let’s all shout out what we did with our Saturday night and see who’s life is the most exciting. Ready? 1, 2, 3! I ORGANIZED MY PHOTOS! Did I win? NO?? Wow, I find that really shocking. Well, the good news is: My photos are totes organized. Like really, really supes organized. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Especially as a blogger, but really for anyone, trying to find that one particular photo you took one time at the park is a nightmare. Even though I felt like mine were pretty organized already, I was having a hard time finding what I was looking for because I couldn’t remember when I took the picture. Well, if you can’t remember when you took the picture, then organizing them by date doesn’t do you any good! So, if this is something you struggle with, and you have a desire to be able to pull a photo at a moment’s notice without going on a scavenger hunt, then this post is for you. Maybe you can organize your photos after hearing about how I finally did mine.

First of all, let me drop this tip right here: I am not a photo organization expert. I consulted my pal Jennifer, over at Baby Making Machine about how she organizes hers in order to get some tips, because she’s the expert. Turns out, we were basically on the same track, so I was feeling pretty good. I should also mention, I am NOT an expert on photo storage… if you recall, I’ve lost photos to TWO failed external hard drives (okay, I dropped one). But she’s an expert on that too, so if you are looking for ways to back up your photos and make sure the stay safe, she’s your girl.

Organize Your Photos

I already had my photos mostly organized by date. However, I’m that girl that forgets she already started one folder for the Suncliff House in the blog folder, so I start another Suncliff House in the 2016 folder. I know, you can’t take me anywhere. So needless to say, despite my best efforts to keep things organized, I had a little clean up to do. But I was on the right track with organizing by date, that is how I want them done. It’s the easiest way to keep track of when pictures are taken. Then within each folder for the year, I created a folder for each month. That’s as far as I had gone before Saturday night. *My internet was down, and my boys were out camping, so it was the perfect night to catch up.*

How To Use Tags On A Mac

Well I recently discovered “tags”…  I knew how to use them on my blog, in WordPress… but I had never used them for organization on a hard drive before. Suffice it to say that my mind was officially blown, and I swore to start using them. Of course it took me a few weeks months to actually get around to it. If you’re on a Mac, and you’re not sure how to use them, here’s a quick rundown: Go to Finder > Preferences> Tags, and you can organize the tags to say what you want.


You can check which tags you want to show in your sidebar, and in that little rectangle box at the bottom, you can drag and drop the ones you think you’ll use the most. These tags will show up when you right click a file or image, for faster tagging. Like so (please excuse the selfie, for demonstration purposes):


Then once you set the broad tags you plan to use, start tagging! You can set multiple tags for each file. So for each of my images, it will receive a tag for: Year, Month, Name, Event or Activity. As you go along and want to add more tags, simply type it in and hit enter, like so:


Of course, I’m just being silly… please don’t create a tag named “Selfie.” If you need that particular tag, you may be taking too many selfies. :) Just sayin’. I kid, I kid… take as many selfies as you want.

Now if you lean towards the OCD side, like I do, and you like things to look really organized on your side bar (that’s why we’re all here, right? To ORGANIZE your photos?) you can drag and drop any of the extra tags on your sidebar. Just drag them off the sidebar and they’ll disappear. You’ll still be able to use them, they just won’t be listed on the sidebar. That’s a personal preference, I like it to look neat and tidy, and I have a lot of tags. So I just keep my favorites there for easy reference.

Now to search for a photo once you’ve got everything tagged! If you did as much work as I did, then you’re feeling like a rockstar right now, so congrats! Let’s find some of those photos we tagged. Simply click on one of your tags in the sidebar, and everything tagged with that label, will show up:


You can also search for multiple tags at once, up in the search bar, you’ll see that I have searched for the tag “Leah” and two results came up. So if I want to narrow it down, all I have to do is type in more tags. So if I’m looking for the graphic I created for my LL&L post on my 35th birthday, it would look like this:


And VOILA! How to use tags on a Mac. That’s pretty much it, friends. This might sound super elementary to you seasoned Mac users… but I’m fairly new-ish to the Mac, (at least using it to it’s full capacity) and so when I went to use the tags last night, it took me a minute to figure out a couple things. Like how to add more tags to your list of tags. And how to pick the ones I wanted to show up on my right click. So I hope it helps at least somebody to have it laid out here for you, instead of playing trial and error, like I did.

I must say, having my photos organized is already proving SUPER useful. I’m really glad I did it. It made a super frustrating evening when my internet was down, turn into a supes productive one. YES! Oh, and you know one of my favorite things about having everything neat and tidy? I don’t have to have the same photo saved into multiple folders. I was constantly doing that. Yes, I took this picture in August of 2015, but I am using it for this post for my blog, so I’m putting it in this folder too just to make it easier. Now all I have to do is pull the tag, and it doth appear. Woohoo!! :o)

Happy Organizing Friends!



PS: As a fun little extra to my blog:

I’ve recently started a YouTube series called “Lately With Leah.” I guess you could say it’s like a video diary about basically anything and everything. In my first….episode (?) I tell the story of my nightmare on Venice Beach. So if you’re just dying to hear what I have to say about random topics (which, duh…haha!), or you’re bored and just curious about how my voice sounds in real life, feel free to check it out. If you like it, please subscribe and share it to help me get started. You can always find the most recent video in my sidebar, and I’ve embedded it here for your viewing pleasure. :) Thanks for the support! You guys are the best!

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