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How We Finally Made Progress With Nighttime Potty Training

Aside from one epic fail of a false start right at the beginning of our potty training journey, which I talked about in this post, potty training at our house was super easy. We felt like D showed us signs that he was ready to potty train and we let him take the lead. It went so well, once we realized he was ready for it, that he went straight into underwear with very few accidents. But y’all… that has NOT been the case for nighttime. Our nighttime potty training has been nothing short of nightmarish. Until about two weeks ago…

Let’s start by describing the issues we faced, since I’m willing to bet one or all of you have been there, are there right now, or are stressing about when it’s your turn to start the nighttime potty training. Dom is a heavy sleeper complete zombie and absolutely dead to the world once he falls asleep. *please excuse the gratuitous picture of Bash the Boxer… I’m pretty much obsessed*


Of course, this is assuming you can actually get him to go to sleep, which is a whole separate battle issue all on it’s own. But let’s pretend he’s finally asleep. We’ve utilized all the typical tricks. We go super easy on the water after about 5pm, we make a big deal about going potty right before bed time, and he usually even comes out to go potty one more time before he falls asleep. He’s typically just trying to stay up, but hey.. it’s still time on the toilet. We’ve offered incentives for waking up dry…. It didn’t work, friends. Nothing worked. It just didn’t. There aren’t enough legos, donuts, dinosaurs, or hot wheel cars in the universe to get him up in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, he gets that from me. Card-holding member of the completely knocked out, sleep through a fire alarm sleeper club, right here.

We were washing sheets LEFT and RIGHT! We bought extra mattress pads, extra sheet sets… oh my gosh, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, and that says nothing for how tired my washer and dryer must be. I feared the stench of pee would forever scar my laundry room. I often found my mind boggled at the sheer volume of liquid that could come from his body in 12 hours. How is he not dehydrated? I seriously want to know.

Pull-Ups -Training-Pants

Okay, so how did we finally start to make progress with nighttime potty training? Let’s get to the good stuff. And by that, I mean let’s discuss the mistake I was making from the very beginning. Remember up at the start of this post, how I mentioned that Dom skipped right over training pants and went straight into underwear? Well, I thought he was like some kind of superstar (and obviously he is, duh) but because of that, it never crossed my mind to get Pull Ups® Training Pants. We continued using diapers for nighttime potty training.

Whoops! Don’t do it friends! Learn from my mistakes. What I’ve since learned, is that kids thrive on consistency, and that diapers just don’t teach the potty training skills that Pull Ups do. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t just spent the last 2 weeks testing it out. When we heard about the Pull Ups® Potty Partnership, we went online to www.Pull-Ups.com and took the “Potty Personality Quiz” and learned more about the best ways to help Dom be successful. Pull Ups partnered with a world renowned child psychologist to help create an easier way to potty train by creating little personality profiles. Turns out Dom is a “puppy” and I was able to read several helpful articles about nighttime potty training aimed specifically at my little man’s personality.


An amazing thing started to happen when we put him in Pull Ups Night Time Training Pants, he started waking up drier than in the past. They were much more absorbent than the diapers we had been using. And as he started to notice that he was drier, he began to really enjoy it and started getting better about making it through the night! I mean listen, he’s not perfect, and I don’t feel ready to put him in underwear or anything. But for the first time, we’re seeing real progress, and even when he does have accidents and he goes at night… the Pull Ups are SO MUCH more effective in keeping the pee off his bed. And that’s another big win in my book.

So, let’s sum it up shall we?

  • My kid sleeps like a rock, gets it from Mom
  • No toy on the planet will entice him to get up and pee in the middle of the night
  • Washer & Dryer are getting too much urine-soaked mileage
  • Diapers are a no-no for nighttime potty training
  • Pull Ups Training Pants for the win

Any questions?

Nighttime Potty Training

How did you get through nighttime potty training? Have you joined the Pull Ups Potty Partnership yet? What animal is your kiddo? Puppy, Owl, Bear Cub, Owl or Squirrel? If you don’t know yet, head on over and take the quiz! I’d love to hear what’s working for you. Let me know in the comments below! And click here to get a coupon for your next Pull Ups purchase!


PS: This post is sponsored by Pull Ups® Training Pants. All opinions, experiences and cute little anecdotes are mine and D’s.

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  • Tasha April 4, 2016, 6:32 pm

    Your story is exactly like mine with Ethan. He did the daytime potty training very quickly and easily, but night time was a whole other story. We tried everything as well including the night time pull-ups. That didn’t even work for us. I was so worried I asked the doctors and they all told me two very important things. One was that when his body is ready it will happen and two was that part of it is hereditary. With that said I asked mike how long it took him and he wet the bed until like 3-4th grade. My dad also wet the bed up until that grade so I knew we were doomed or destined for that. As you can imagine a boy in the 3rd grade still wetting the bed is quite embarrassing for him. He couldn’t have sleepovers or go to sleepovers. I felt so bad for him. I started doing some online research and found bed wetting alarm systems for night time. The idea intrigued me and I hadn’t tried that yet so I wanted to give it a shot. It was super expensive but totally worth it. After using it for about a week the night wetting stopped. I almost cried with joy. I really didn’t have hopes it would work because nothing else had, but it did!! Anyway I still have it if the path your taking doesn’t work and I would be more than happy to send it to you.

    • Leah Sannar April 4, 2016, 6:38 pm

      Wow, yeah I’ve never even heard of that! I will definitely let you know, but I’m hoping with this little change from diapers to Pull Ups, that he’ll be totally dry in no time. I’ve seen a definite improvement so I think I might encourage it with a little incentive and then maybe also help him by waking him up right before we fall asleep at night to let him go potty later at night and see if we can’t get his body into a habit or something. I don’t know… Thanks so much for sharing your story, I really appreciate it and you know I love you tons girl! :)

  • ky April 27, 2016, 1:10 pm

    Lol the naked & $75 method… I’ve been all over the internet learning now that my little boy’s getting there… This is probably one of the more important things I really feel all moms who want to be prepared should see —

    although This lady isn’t a pediatrician but she’s one of the best around.
    http://dailydoc.org/i/5PottyTrainingMusts No more dirty diapers or worse having to wake

    up in the middle of the night… FLUSH, very underrated sound (:

    such an adorable blog btw!

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