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Learning Photography

I have such a strong desire to learn photography. Words can’t even describe. And you know what’s so frustrating about that? I have all the tools necessary – I just need to put them into action. Lately, all my free time has gone into getting this blog launched and I haven’t had time to start any new projects. But now that it’s here, (YAY!) and I’m getting posts up fairly regularly, I figured, if I post about a goal… then it’s kinda like holding me accountable right? So I’m going to get my Nikon, and my “Digital Photography for Dummies” book and I’m going to start learning. There, I said it out loud. I’m going to watch the tutorials, take the classes and read the books. Maybe I could even write posts dedicated to what I learn. That way, if you’re interested – you can learn while I learn. AND I’ll have a nice easy post to look back on summarizing the info. Yeah, that sounds good…

In that spirit, this post will be dedicated to documenting my skills at the beginning of this journey. Skills, which by the way, are basically non-existent. I know how to point, sometimes focus, and shoot. Today, I went outside while Dom was playing on the swing set and took some pictures for this purpose. Usually, when I take pictures, I edit them in my basic editing software – but since I want to learn to use the camera correctly and not have to do very much editing… I’m posting these raw. And I will continue to post pictures raw in this “Learning Photography” series so I can see the progress I’m making.

Below are 8 photos that I think could have been super awesome, if I had known what to do with my camera:









They are cute shots right? They just don’t have any pizazz. There’s no wow factor. I need the wow factor. The one that says, “this person knows photography.” I’m excited to get this started. I have been wanting to do this for a long time! So, if you want to learn along with me – stay tuned for some posts! If you’re a photographer and already have the skills – please feel free to drop any hints, tips or resources in my comments section! Point me in the right direction. This is gonna be great.

** Leah **

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