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International Happiness Day!

Did you know today is International Happiness Day? I didn’t even know that was a “thing.” I’m really glad I know this now! Something I’ll definitely celebrate every year.


No wonder I’ve been in such a good mood today. It could also be because I heard Third Eye Blind on the radio this morning. Or because it’s Hubbalicious’ birthday! (Happy Birthday Babe!) Most definitely, it also has something to do with how amazing all of you are, and how supportive you’ve been of my new blog. I’m so grateful to all of you for visiting my site, sharing it and commenting to let me know your thoughts. I love every single second of it. Every. Single. Second. For real.

In fact, I’ve been really happy a lot lately. It’s not like that’s really abnormal for me, though… I’m a pretty happy person by nature. The other night, I read a blog post from a friend of mine that really struck a chord inside me. (I love when that happens.) And she talked a lot about being happy. It made me really ponder and think about the decision to “be happy.” Is it something that you just decide to do? She says no. She says you can’t just say “I’m happy now” and change the way you’re feeling. She went on to say that in order to “be happy” you have to do things that “make you happy” and she shared an awesome list of what does the trick for her. I really like her thoughts and I agree.” In fact, I want to take it one step further.

I’m going to go ahead and agree with her while I’m actively saying something that disagrees with her. Ready to see exactly how I plan to do something so contradictory? Okay, here goes… I think you can choose to be happy. I choose to be happy. And I know others who actively choose not to be happy. So yes, I do think it’s a choice. Here’s why: Happiness isn’t an action. It’s not something you just do. It’s a state of mind, a state of being. It’s something you are, when you choose to continually do things that make you happy. Want to know how I know that? It’s 2-fold. 1) I am a happy person. Does this mean I’m happy every single minute of the day? No, of course not. But my general state of mind, is happiness. I love life, I honestly do. My smile makes a very regular appearance on my face. That doesn’t mean my life is perfect… and if you’ve been reading this blog – you can definitely attest to that. 2) I know unhappy people. Does this mean they are unhappy every single minute of the day? No, of course not. But their general state of mind is unhappy. They don’t seem to love life. It seems they always have something to be upset about, or angry about. I don’t often see their smiles.

So to me, being happy means you have a healthy balance of all the emotions this crazy rollercoaster called life has to offer – and still come out the other side with a love for it. “It” being LIFE. There are so many emotions and feelings to experience. For instance: I’m so grateful to have a chance to share my story. I’m so sad that there are many who suffer from Crohn’s Disease and other illnesses. I was angry when I lost 2 years of my life to a chronic illness. I was smitten when I met my husband. I am in love with him today. I was devastated the day the twin towers went down. I was jealous the day my younger sister got pregnant, and I hadn’t been able to. I’m hopeful that someday we’ll find a cure for every ailment there is. There are SO. MANY. EMOTIONS. to feel in life. In my opinion, in order to be “happy,” you have to be willing and able to experience them all – and still love your life. Being happy isn’t about feeling happy every minute. That’s not real. But true happiness can be real, and you can choose it. Choose to make yourself happy. Do what makes you happy.

Do you love your life? I hope you do. I so sincerely hope that you are able to make the choice to be happy. If right now, you’re stuck amongst the worst kind of circumstances… Feel them, experience them. Cry about it and get mad… Then, reach out and ask for help – so we can pull you up and lift you out to the other side. It’s not easy – but it’s so worth it. Being happy is so much more fun than being unhappy. Let’s all go out and do something from “our list” and celebrate International Happiness Day!!

By the way – I’ll give bonus points if you can tell me how many times I just said “Happy” :)

** Leah **

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  • Baby Making Mama March 21, 2014, 7:16 pm

    I meant to comment on this yesterday. I do think it’s a choice to be happy as well, and I generally choose to be happy most the time. However, yesterday I did keep thinking I was extremely happy and I couldn’t pinpoint why. Now I know it’s cause it was international happiness day! :)

  • Laurie W-J-N March 23, 2014, 12:36 am

    Thanks Leah – I completely agree with you. I am usually a very happy person, when I catch myself being fussy, I actively try to figure out what is bugging me and do something about it. Staying in a situation that makes you unhappy is definitely a choice. Life is too short not to choose to be happy.

    • Leah Sannar March 24, 2014, 3:36 am

      For sure, and I’m not sure whether you’ve checked out my story yet – but with an illness like mine, I can’t afford unnecessary stress in my life. Keep good things and happy people around you as much as possible. Those are the things that matter!

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