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Gift Ideas for Grandma & Grandpa

This year for Christmas, we helped the kids create homemade artwork for their grandparents. We wanted them to put thought into what they gave to Grandma & Grandpa. This gave them the opportunity to choose which colors to use and where to put them. It was really sweet, Dom was very careful about his color selection and wanted to choose something “special” that they would like. So if you’re looking for gift ideas for Grandma & Grandpa, this little canvas collection might be just the ticket!

My parents just moved into a new house and they have a room set up for the kids. It’s a game room where they’ve put together lots of activities and toys for the grandkids to play with. Our thought was that each kid would make a canvas painting with their name on it and they could hang all five together. It was SUPER easy…

Start with a canvas, which you can get at any craft store. We bought ours at Hobby Lobby for just a few dollars. We randomly put little strips of tape on the canvas to create some interest, and applied stickers to spell Dom’s name.

Gift Ideas for Grandma & Grandpa - Painting Canvas

Then Dom got all decked out in his painting smock and for some reason, he also felt like he needed Daddy’s work goggles. I must admit, it did add a lovely touch to his outfit. :o)

Painting Canvas

Once you’ve got your protective gear on, all you can do is get the camera rolling and let the kid go to town.

Cleaning Paintbrush

Once everything is painted, we peeled the tape off and the little stickers we put on. I forgot to mention, we also stuck on some butterfly stickers. And then when you’re done, each grandchild will have their own version of a painting to reflect their personalities AND their love for Grandma & Grandpa.

Dom's Canvas Painting

Super easy project that Dom loved, and felt really proud of when he gave it to Grandma & Grandpa. I love giving my son the opportunity to give gifts that he can put thought into and feel really good about. I’ve included a short little clip of his painting project below, when we were talking about “mixing colors.” Hope you enjoy!


Leah Sannar

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