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Describe Your Relationship With Your Spouse


Today, we continue on with the 30 Post Series: “Things My Kids Should Know About Me.” I’m really enjoying this challenge from Jennifer over at Baby Making Machine. I love how it makes me think and evaluate my feelings. It reminds me of things I felt and dreamed about long before I grew up and life happened. And it’s made me look at my life today and really pay attention to all the blessings I’ve received and to just how grateful I am to be here. It’s just flat out good for the soul. I can’t wait to print it all into a book. I’ll have one copy set aside for Dominic, but I’m going to keep one for myself too. I hope you’re following along and using these writing prompts also – you will not regret it, I promise!!

So today’s post (#3) is called:

“Describe Your Relationship With Your Spouse”

Tim & Leah 12/3/04

Tim & Leah 12/3/04

I have loved Tim for so long; it’s hard to imagine loving anybody else. We haven’t always had it easy, because we’re both pretty stubborn people. (I hope you don’t pick that up from us.) But love has always held us together. Even though sometimes, we say and do things we shouldn’t, each mistake teaches us a little something more. We’ve learned to relax a little and let those little things just roll on by. We’ve learned to communicate and respect each other’s point of view. We have worked hard to center our lives around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we’ve learned that we are 100% committed and there isn’t anything in this world we can’t handle, as long as we’re holding hands.

Tim is a wonderfully, amazing father. I used to watch him play with his niece and nephews, so I always knew he would be. But he has way surpassed even my wildest dreams. I thank my Heavenly Father every day that I get to see him look into those big beautiful eyes of yours. I never understood my full capacity for love until I held you for the first time, and I know he feels the same. I can see it when he hugs you. I can see it when he chases you around the room, as I sit back and listen to your squeals of delight.

Dominic, you totally prefer your Dad right now. People keep telling me that it will change and someday you’ll just decide you’re a mama’s boy. It’s okay if you don’t. I know how much you love me, and I get so much joy out of watching you two together. There is such a feeling of love and friendship between you two, like you’ll be best friends forever. I’m so happy that you have that in a father, and that Tim gets to experience it with his son.

He is a great partner to me, even when I’m not to him. He is the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known and he truly cares about my feelings. Sometimes, he isn’t great at expressing it and neither am I, but he always makes sure to send me little notes and messages of appreciation. I can feel how much he loves me with every touch of his hand and sweet little note that he sends. That’s honestly why I fell in love with him. That, and the hoodies. That man can wear a hoodie. :o)

I hope someday, you meet the woman of your dreams and that she fills you with so much joy – that you are able to read this and truly understand what it means to be, and to have a partner. Your Dad and I are far from perfect. But each day, we learn a bit more, we try a bit harder, and we love each other without condition.

Be sure to continue on to Post #4: “10 Things I’d Tell My 16 Year Old Self” in the “30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me” series!

** Leah **

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  • Pary Moppins March 17, 2014, 6:09 pm

    What a beautiful tribute to your husband and such a lovely story for your son.

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