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Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Can you believe another Christmas has come and gone! I swear, every year feels shorter than the last. When I mentioned this to my uncle a couple days ago, he made a good point. He said, “Oh you just wait…”  His theory is that they will continue to feel shorter and shorter because with every year that you live, the proportion of  a year to your life gets wider and wider. When you’re just 2 years old, a year is half your life! So, of course it feels long. But when you’re 65, a year is nothing… you’ve lived through 65 of them. This made total sense to me, but it didn’t do anything to ease my mind about how fast time seems to be flying! I made a mental note right then and there, to start cherishing every second! And the part of the Holiday Season I cherish most, are the Christmas Traditions.

Do you have Christmas Traditions with your family? As our family has grown with all of us getting married and having children, it’s been really fun to compare the “Jones Christmas” with the “In-Law Christmases.” I love hearing about the similarities and differences between the way we all grew up. For instance, at our house, Santa wrapped all the gifts inside our stocking and always left a few gifts next to the stockings as well. They were typically left on our couch and we waited for our parents before we opened.  At Hubbalicious’s house, Santa left the stockings at the foot of each child’s bed and they opened in their beds! I just love how every family has their own Christmas traditions.

As a combined family, we’ve worked hard to create new and everlasting Christmas traditions together. They are so fun and leave everyone with such wonderful memories. Below, I’ve made a list of my favorites:

Christmas Traditions

    • Christmas Eve Party: Every year, my parents host an awesome party on Christmas Eve, and that’s typically where we exchange with our extended family. There’s always yummy food and a super fun game. One year she created this awesome version of Christmas Bingo and had TONS of great prizes for everybody who won. This year, she put together a game of Family Feud, printed name tags and divided everyone into 4 teams. I’ve included a little clip of our game, for your viewing pleasure. :o)

  • Christmas Breakfast & Dinner: My parents team up to make the most delicious meals on Christmas Day. For breakfast, we always have breakfast tacos, and for dinner… prime rib with mashed potatoes, green beans, and shrimp cocktail.
  • Our Christmas Routine: I know it sounds funny that routine can be a tradition… but in our house, that’s exactly what it is. We always let kids open stockings first, then we have breakfast, then we open gifts from under the tree. After that we all hang out and play games, or just visit… and then my sisters and I all gather round and watch my parents open their stockings to each other. It’s such a sweet display of love to witness and we’ve grown to love and respect how well they know each other and the relationship they’ve built.

Those are just a few of my favorites.. How about you? Do you have traditions? We had such a great holiday this year! Here’s a little recap of our Christmas. Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Stocking for Preschool Boy

Christmas Gift Pots & Pans

Father & Son Picture

Mom & Dad Photo

Dom's Beanie

And just to give you a little giggle… I thought I’d share this quick video featuring D’s rendition of Jingle Bells. You’re welcome.

Merry Christmas!

Leah Sannar

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