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Which Kohler Faucet Is Your Favorite? Help Me Choose!


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Has your kitchen faucet ever come loose or straight up stopped working on you? I feel like this happens to us on a regular basis. It happened at our last house before we rented it to our tenants, and now we’re renting this house and we’re having problems with the faucet in both the kitchen and bathroom. What’s up with that?? Are we just particularly hard on faucets?

Our tenant’s lease is up on our house and we’ve decided to put it on the market to sell. It’s kind of sad, because it was nice to have an asset that was building equity and being paid for by someone else… But, in order to buy a home when our lease is up, we need to sell it. We have some fun ideas of what to do with the proceeds from the sale, but that’s a post for another day. Most likely, I’ll post once we’ve actually sold the house… it’s the whole “putting the cart before the horse” thing. I’m pretty sure it’s bad luck.

Anyway, I went to the house to make sure it was ready to go on the market… I nearly flipped my lid y’all. My tenant made it sound like she only needed to mop and then it was all set. She lied. Listen, she was a good renter. She always paid on time and kept the house very neat and tidy. But it seems as though we have different definitions of what’s required to get a deposit back. Because leaving all kinds of trash in the backyard and telling me you don’t have a dog, whilst leaving dog dishes on the patio, doesn’t exactly add up.

On top of that, there are a lot of things that need repair. I don’t understand how people are so hard on houses… It’s nothing major, but just a bunch of little things. The stain on the cabinets is rubbing off. How does that even happen?? Our side gates in the backyard were ripped off the hinges. The seam in the carpet upstairs is lifting. I could go on, but let’s get back to the decision I need to make about the kitchen faucet.

I think I should replace it. It’s loose and acting weird. I really want to sell this house for top dollar because we need to make as much out of it as possible. We did a custom backsplash and I think a nice faucet would really help the kitchen pop. You know how we love a kitchen that “pops.”

So I hopped online and checked out the new Kohler faucets that are exclusive to The Home Depot. Because let’s be honest, online shopping is so much more convenient with a four year old ninja destructo and a 14 week old puppy. Side note: I heard a rumor that they aren’t allowed in the store anymore? (Dogs, not four year olds) #sayitaintso #mydogslovehomedepot

Anyway, the faucets… I kinda love them all, so can you help me decide?

Contender #1 – The Kohler Trielle Kitchen Faucet, priced at $175.61

I love this contemporary look with clean, soft lines. It’s simple, looks great and has Kohler’s signature magnetic docking system to hold the sprayer in place.

Contender #2: The Kohler Worth Kitchen Faucet, priced at $199.

Okay this one has some bolder lines to it, with the edge around the nozzle and the square lines on the handle. It’s got a more traditional feel to me with the detail on the base, what do you think?

Contender #3: Kohler Sous Kitchen Faucet, priced at $249.

I love how this one looks like it’s from a professional kitchen! It has a little industrial feel to it, which is super in right now. It’s so tall and stately, it just demands to be noticed.

So what do you think? Any one of these 3 faucets would look awesome in my kitchen. Oh I know, let me show you a picture of the kitchen! Then you can help me choose… You can click this link to view the whole Home Tour, but for simplicity’s sake, here’s the kitchen with the backsplash:


I think it’s gotta be the Sous Faucet right?? I think the kitchen needs a nice big faucet and I think the stainless steel design would look awesome with our backsplash and the rest of the appliances. And since I’m going with a Kohler faucet, I know I’ll get the awesome quality and dependability that they are known for.

Now for my rental…. I could wait and ask the landlord to fix our faucet… but we’d probably end up with some second rate faucet that breaks again… or, I could just get one of these beauties and install it myself. That way I know we’ll get something awesome for our kitchen! Hmm….

Thinking of upgrading your kitchen? Which faucet would you go with? It’s so hard to choose!

Leah Sannar


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