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Celebrating Earth Day With My Preschooler


We love our precious Earth! And in celebration of Earth Day, I knew I wanted to go do something with D to help him understand why we need to take care of this amazing planet on which we live. Lately though, we’ve had some rough days after preschool. He’s supposed to nap during the day (he still naps everyday when he’s home with us), but he’s been fighting it at school in a serious way. Which wouldn’t be such a big deal if he could handle it… But it’s not been going well. We barely make it out of the parking lot without a tantrum of epic proportions, and it’s always over something completely silly… he’s just straight up exhausted. I’m diving into a topic now that really should be a post all on it’s own, so I’ll get right to the point. We’ve been coming home from school and having quiet time, where we just sit and read books together on days that he doesn’t nap — which is every. single. day that he’s at preschool. So I was a little worried about what we would be able to do after school to celebrate earth day, but guess what? I walked into preschool today to pick him up and he starts hollering at me in celebration over the fact that he napped today! YES! Now we can go play! Okay, well his teacher mentioned that he only slept for about 8 minutes. But you know what, today, I’ll take it. We needed a win, badly.

So we packed up a little back pack with my camera, and some treats for Bash and walked across the street to the park. After he played on the playscape for about 25 minutes, we decided to walk Bash around the park for a while. It was a beautiful day, which was kind of crazy because we got a LOT of rain earlier in the morning. We sat down on a picnic table and our conversation went like this:

Me: “Hey buddy, do you know what tomorrow is?”

D: “It’s EARTH DAY!!!!” *practically screaming with excitement*

Me: *completely shocked and taken off guard because he knows what tomorrow is* “That’s right!!”

D: “We have to take care of our Earth so it stays beautiful!”

Me: “….yep!” *alrighty, well my job here is done*

Me: “So, what do you think we can do to keep our Earth beautiful?”

D: “Don’t throw trash outside!” *still screaming with excitement, we’re in a very loud phase right now*

Me: “YES! So what do you say we pick up some trash to help keep Earth beautiful?”


He loved the idea and immediately went to work. We had a lot of fun helping to clean up  the park that we love and visit so often. It was actually kind of hard to find trash to clean up, because they actually do a pretty great job keeping it nice.


It was a great opportunity to have a little chat with D and a great reminder for myself as well. We love to recycle at our house and I’ve always kind of been a stickler about it, but still I think we can always do more. I want to make sure this amazing planet remains beautiful for many generations to come, so that D can teach his kids just like I taught him today… after he already learned it in preschool :o) I hope you get the chance to go outside and love our Earth today! HAPPY EARTH DAY! :o)

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