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Organize Your Photos + How To Use Tags On A Mac

I have an idea. On the count of three, let’s all shout out what we did with our Saturday night and see who’s life is the most exciting. Ready? 1, 2, 3! I ORGANIZED MY PHOTOS! Did I win? NO?? Wow, I find that really shocking. Well, the good news is: My photos are totes […] Read the whole post!

#Cherish365 Recaps

I just want to start by saying how frustrated I’ve been that I haven’t put a blog post up in a while. Things have been difficult with work and with just trying to keep my house together. I wish there were more hours in a day. :0) But the good news, is that I haven’t […] Read the whole post!

Why The #Cherish365 Project Is More Than Just Taking Photos: Week 2 Recap

Sure, when I started the #Cherish365 Project, it was mostly because I thought it sounded like fun, and like a great way to improve my photography skills. But I’m only a couple weeks in, (view my week 1 recap here) and already I’m seeing that it’s turning into so much more than that. In the […] Read the whole post!

#Cherish365 Moments in 2016: Week 1

Don’t you love the beginning of the new year when everybody is setting goals and starting new projects? I always find it so motivating and inspiring to read what other folks are up to. And one of the things that inspires me the most, is the 365 Photo Project. A photo a day for 365 […] Read the whole post!

Wordless Wednesday: Fun Family Photo Shoot

I felt so lucky to be able to take pictures for our son’s preschool teacher. She is such a wonderful, special person and has been a huge blessing to our family. I know those are SOME words, but I’m hoping these pictures will do the rest of the talking. :o)       […] Read the whole post!

How I Basically Threw $1,700 Out Into The Street

I have 3 words for y’all, ready?  Back. It. Up. And I’m not referring to dance moves, or rewinding a video tape (do they still have those?). No, I’m talking about photo storage. Let me “back it up” (PUN INTENDED) and start this story a while back, when I began following my good friend Jennifer’s […] Read the whole post!

Learning Photography

I have such a strong desire to learn photography. Words can’t even describe. And you know what’s so frustrating about that? I have all the tools necessary – I just need to put them into action. Lately, all my free time has gone into getting this blog launched and I haven’t had time to start any […] Read the whole post!

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