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5 Reasons Why I Tell Him Why

Has your kid ever asked you "why" so many times in a row that you thought your ears might bleed? I know mine has. We've definitely started noticing some new things at our house as of lately. Every word I say to D.O. (the little man) is usually answered with, "Why?" Oh my gosh... It […] Read the whole post!

Our First Austin Thinkery Visit!

We'd been to the Austin Children's Museum a couple times, but had not yet visited the new Thinkery. I really meant to buy the membership early when they had it discounted, but totally forgot. I know you're shocked. Anyway, we headed out there today with some friends and Dominic had a blast! So, we thought we'd give […] Read the whole post!

I Lost My Temper Today

** Post Note: I wrote this post on Saturday night, but debated posting it. It was a very rough day, and even though I wrote it while tears hit my keyboard - I knew I needed to say it.   I lost my temper with Dominic today. Dominic. My beautiful, perfect, radiant, happy-go-lucky blessing from above. I lost […] Read the whole post!

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