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What I Learned From Battling Cancer

Have you been following Shannen Doherty on Instagram? If you haven’t, you should. You may have heard that she’s been battling Breast Cancer. While I haven’t been a super huge fan of hers (I liked 90210 and everything, but I haven’t really kept track of her), when I heard she had cancer, I started looking […] Read the whole post!

Flushable Wipes Caused Our Plumbing Problems, So We Found Something Better! + GIVEAWAY

Listen up y’all, because this is a story that can really only be described as a public service announcement. Learn from my mistakes, okay? Just do it. Or don’t do it, as the case may be… We were recently hit with plumbing problems. I know, I know… gross. This is something I’ve never dealt with before. Both of […] Read the whole post!

The Stress Relief Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Stress is a pretty awful thing, no matter how you slice it. It’s uncomfortable, and bad for your mind and body. Some people stress out more than others, and some people handle stress better than others. Whichever category you fall into, I think we can all agree that finding a way to relieve stress is […] Read the whole post!

My Favorite Ostomy Products

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding my ileostomy since I started this blog, a lot of which I address in this post. However, one question that I’ve never really gone into detail about, are the products I trust and use the most. For me, it was a long process of trial and error, to […] Read the whole post!

5 Tips for Stress Relief + Giveaway!!

It’s no secret that stress does nasty things to your body. It was a long time before I really understood the toll that stress takes on me and my body. As I learned to understand my Crohn’s Disease, I began to realize that stress was something I just couldn’t afford in my life. Aside from the […] Read the whole post!

10 Must Haves To Survive The Flu

Last week, I went to pick up my little one from pre-school and his teacher said he woke up from nap with a really runny nose. Of course, just the fact that he napped alone, probably was a sign of things to come. Sure enough, he brought home a virus. (Now, my kid really doesn’t get […] Read the whole post!

Going to the Dentist: My Nitrous Nightmare

Let me just start this out by saying, that I’ve always had good luck with my teeth. Experiencing a nitrous nightmare could not have come as more of a shock to me. All through out my childhood, I never dreaded the dentist because they never did anything bad! It was always just cleanings and free […] Read the whole post!

I Was Featured on Ostomy Connection!

Great news friends! I was recently contacted by Christine Kim, Founder of Ostomy Connection. As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog, I got my permanent Ileostomy in 2008, when my Crohn’s Disease wouldn’t respond to medication. She wanted to feature one of my articles about living with an Ileostomy on her new website. This […] Read the whole post!

Beanies for Crohn’s Disease!

Hey there friends! Long time…. Sorry about that, we just moved – and it was without a doubt, our most disorganized move EVER. But that’s a post for a different day. Today, I’m here to introduce you to a dear friend of mine named, Farah. She has been making awareness beanies! And guess what? She has […] Read the whole post!

Celebrating 7 Years Cancer Free!

It’s so crazy how time just keeps right on ticking. Happy or sad, healthy or sick, it gives no thought to our struggles and triumphs. 7 years ago, I was sitting in a hospital room receiving my final chemotherapy treatment and thinking about how much I’d been through over the course of the previous 9 […] Read the whole post!

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