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We Moved In! Come Tour The Suncliff House!

My initial plan was to sit down tonight and write a post about our experience in buying this house. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, after all. But honestly, I’m so excited to just share our pictures with you, that the other post will just have to wait. There is a lot of […] Read the whole post!

Home Tour: Our Second Home

Did I mention that we move a lot? It’s not on purpose, honestly. The first time we bought a house, we opened a family business 4 months later. And was that business close to home? Of course not! Hubbalicious was driving an hour and twenty minutes to work and back every day. Oh, and did […] Read the whole post!

When I Fell In Love With Interior Design: Oatmeal Drive House Tour

This past weekend, we found ourselves in the neighborhood where we bought our first home. It was really fun to see how the trees have grown and the neighborhood has matured! I wish we had been able to keep that house as a rental, because the values are doing great out there and I think […] Read the whole post!

Guest Room Design & Decor Reveal

For many people, decorating is just putting pictures up on the walls so it looks like you live there. If that’s you, I get it. That’s what I’ve always done prior to owning my home. Now that I feel settled and like I might actually be here awhile, I find myself drawn to spending hours upon hours […] Read the whole post!

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